Embracing Hanover: Your Ideal Home Awaits You

Nestled in the heart of Pennsylvania, Hanover is a vibrant community offering a perfect blend of history, culture, and modern living. This is where the charm of history meets the warmth of community. Susan & Kurt Johnston, your dedicated real estate experts, invite you to explore the beauty and opportunities this neighborhood holds.

Discover Hanover

Uncover the rich history and vibrant lifestyle that define Hanover. A town with a story to tell, where past and present seamlessly coexist, creating a unique and inviting atmosphere.

Battle of Hanover Monument
Battle Monument


🏡 Living in Hanover

Historic Homes, Modern Living

Find your dream home among a diverse range of properties, from historic residences with character to modern spaces tailored to your lifestyle. Hanover offers a blend of architectural styles, ensuring there’s a perfect home for every buyer.

Community Connection

This part of York County is more than a location; it’s a community. Engage in local events, build lasting connections with friendly neighbors, and experience a welcoming environment that makes the neighborhood a great place to call home.

🌆 Exploring

Downtown Delights

Immerse yourself in the heart of Hanover with its downtown experiences. From charming eateries to unique boutiques, the downtown neighborhood offers a delightful blend of entertainment and culture.

Local Attractions

Hanover boasts a plethora of activities, ensuring that there’s never a dull moment. Explore local attractions, parks, and cultural venues, adding a touch of excitement to your daily life.

🏞️ Neighborhoods

Parkville: A Unique Area Neighborhood

Discover the unique charm of Parkville, one of the area’s distinguished neighborhoods. Susan & Kurt Johnston can guide you to your ideal home in this picturesque community.

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